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Happy Birthday sign


As an awesome birthday surprise, Chris got a LOT of cards from friends and family:

Chris and cards




Naturally, I baked a cake and made cake pops to celebrate:

Cake and cake pops


Chris cake!


Happy Birthday!! 🙂

It was my birthday …

It was my birthday …

… and I’ll post more if I want to! 😉

Just a few things:

Looks sort of like a horror picture, no?

I also wanted to share this wonderful birthday blog that Chris made for me:

When you click on the link, you can go through the 37 different categories. Isn’t he the sweetest??

You bet he is! 🙂



Looks like a numbers theme going on here at the ol’ blog, but no. It’s my BIRTHDAY and that’s how OLD I AM!


To celebrate, I usually bake my own birthday cake. This year was a bit different (more of a lazy cop out – not my proudest moment). I tried to do a cupcake cake, where you take a bunch of cupcakes, put them next to each other in the shape of whatever you want (like a sheet cake), and put frosting on them in one fell swoop. Looks like a whole cake, but it is many cupcakes that you and your friends can share without the mess!

That didn’t happen quite the way I’d hoped.

It started out okay:

The first mistake may have been the sugar free cake mix …

…or, it could be that I didn’t fill the cupcake liners full enough and with no support (like a muffin pan):

See, they should be sort of mounded (and round, perhaps) so you can spread the frosting straight across without getting stuck on the liners. Since that was not the case, I decided to just decorate them as cupcakes.

First the sugar filled butter cream frosting:

Positioning the “cake”:

Filling the cupcakes like one of those … filled cupcakes …

Now the fancy piping:

Next, the lettering:


You are probably saying to yourself, hey – where are the rest of the cupcakes? There were 24 baked and only 14 are present and accounted for. What gives?

I’ll tell you.

First of all, I baked these on Sunday, and you can’t bake cupcakes and not touch them for four days or you run the risk of certain depression. So, we decided to each have one cupcake a night (6 total) until the big day (today). That brings the total to 20, and there are four left over in the freezer, so there you have it! 😉



I couldn’t leave well enough alone, so I baked an actual cake this afternoon:

Yay! 🙂