Interesting items

Interesting items

Chris got a grease stain on his shirt a few weeks ago, and we were hoping to get home before it set. We stopped at the store and picked up one of those Tide pens that a prepared person should have in her purse for such occasions, (but didn’t). It wasn’t until we got home (just around the corner) that we read the instructions:

Tide to go

Tide zoom

What the hell? Aren’t those the three most important stains to try and get out quickly? Especially when one is wearing a white shirt like Chris was that day. Come on! We just ended up throwing the darn thing away. The shirt, I mean. It didn’t fit very well, anyway.

Then, I was leafing through some Sunday coupons that I had picked up, and came across this hot little item:

Butt paste

Really. I’m sure it’s a good item and would come in handy for those with babies, but BUTT PASTE? It sort of sounds like spackle to me. Spackle would definitely take care of the problem to begin with, but it just isn’t practical.

What about a different name? How about Tushie Treatment? Rump Remedy? Posterior Poultice? Something a little less graphic than butt paste which actually makes me cringe.

I’m just sayin’ …

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