Brill Building – have you heard of it?

Brill Building – have you heard of it?

How many of you out there know what the Brill Building is?

Brill Building


Allow me.

I was taking a picture today of this building to text to my Dad for his birthday, and as I was doing so, an older gentleman came up and asked what the Brill Building was, since I was taking so many pictures of it.

Caught off guard, I said:

“Oh, the Brill Building? It … well … let me see … how to explain it …”

Seriously. Sad. I KNOW what it is, but couldn’t get the words out. Then, before he ran away from me, I was able to scrape together a couple of crumbs:

“Hmmm … OH! Okay, in the 50s, a lot of music was written in this building … Carol King …”

He then said, “OH! I get it now. I’m gonna take a picture of it, too!” He then asked me if I was a musician and I said my Dad introduced me to a lot of music and I wanted to take this picture for his birthday, and then he left and told me to have a nice day and I said the same and at that moment I was able to pull up this link to tell him about it but he was gone …

Oh well.

You see, many popular singer songwriters worked in the Brill Building, such as Paul Anka, Burt Bacharah, Eric Clapton, Bobby Darin, Carole King, Neil Sedaka, Paul Simon, James Taylor … there were SO MANY. Can you imagine, all those creative people in one spot writing such fantastic music?

This blip is from Wikipedia (it was just better for me to copy and paste it than stumble all over myself):

Among the hundreds of hits written by this group are “Yakety Yak” (Leiber-Stoller), “Save the Last Dance for Me” (Pomus-Shuman), “The Look of Love” (Bacharach-David), “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” (Sedaka-Greenfield), “Devil in Disguise” (Giant-Baum-Kaye), “The Loco-Motion” (Goffin-King), “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” (Mann-Weil) and “River Deep, Mountain High” (Spector-Greenwich-Barry).



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  1. Oh, I so remember growing up with your dad and his music and knowledge of movies. I always thought your dad was amazing! Perfect gift! Wish him happy birthday from me!


  2. Perfect gift for your dad! I so remember spending weekends at your house with Dana always sharing his love of music and movies with us! I wish I had your talent to see amazing things, express them in words, and make them have meaning for others. I know I don’t always send you messages or stay in touch, but I love reading your blogs! Miss you!

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