Let’s walk 8 miles … for a haircut!

Let’s walk 8 miles … for a haircut!

When Chris and I are old (many, many years from now), we will tell our great-grandnieces/great-grandnephews about how we, as young adults (a stunning, beautiful woman in her late thirties and a handsome, dashing man in his almost-mid-forties) walked eight miles across the George Washington Bridge into a completely different state for … a couple of haircuts.

Always up for a bit of fun, we are!

I thought it would be nice to walk to Fort Lee, NJ to have breakfast at the Original Pancake House (which we didn’t – too crowded) and get our hair cut at Supercuts (which we did). Our hair was getting a little unruly:

Chris's untamed hair


Not so bad, really. Mine was a little more scraggly:

Kim's scraggly hair


Sad. Before you ask me why I’m smiling a little odd, I’ll tell you. I’m trying not to show my teeth so much because when I do, I see them as weird:

Kim's teeth


Oh, no Kim. You can hardly see the tooth on the left side of your screen sticking out and starting to cross over the other one. So much for braces, huh? Actually, I think this started happening only in the last couple of years or so and Chris feels it has to do more with the way the light shines on it. Hmmm. Well, I see the dentist this week …

Enough about me and my snaggletooth! The point of walking 8 miles was about the haircut and the exercise! We would get a good workout in as well as running some errands, so … off we went!

The Big Walk map


‘A’ is where we started. ‘B’ is where we stopped at Rite Aid Pharmacy. ‘C’ is where we got our hair cut at Supercuts. I think ‘D’ (not shown) is where we stopped to look at our old apartment. ‘E’ is where we stopped to eat at 5 Guys for burgers and fries and peanuts (look at the menu – they serve peanuts).

George Washington Bridge


Bicyclists on the bridge


The view from the bridge


Not to be confused with A View from the Bridge which is a play by Arthur Miller and has nothing to do with getting a haircut. Not to mention, that play talks about the Brooklyn Bridge which is not at all close to where we are.


Tennis courts, trees, highway, and railroad tracks


Bridge towering over us


Isn’t that intimidating?

Hudson River with Manhattan on the left and New Jersey on the right




Interesting shot of the bridge and Palisades State Park in Jersey


I really liked how that shot looked. Awesome job, Chris!

Speaking of:

The photographer we know and love


Kim and Chris in a mirror


With the bikes riding on the same path as the pedestrians, there are mirrors stationed in areas where visibility is low to prevent accidents. Just in case you were wondering where this mirror came from. Now you know.

How far we've traveled at this point


I don’t know if you can see it, but there are cars driving beneath the bridge as well as on top.

Almost there


Our destination


Finally! I’ll not bore you with shots of the Supercuts or Five Guys. Instead, I’ll put you sleep with a picture of our old apartment:

Our old apartment


Apartment unit


Top floor in the corner – pretty sweet! We could have stayed, but we really missed living in Manhattan. We moved into this apartment as an easier transition from Chicago to New York. Sort of like … I wanted to say halfway house, but that has kind of a negative connotation. Still – I think you get the gist.

Okay – wake up, wake up! We are finally at the end of this whole wordy story. The haircuts!

Chris's haircut


Kim's haircut


Huh. Looks like I don’t have a snaggletooth after all. Maybe it IS the lighting.

And thus ends the tale of a walk and a haircut … two bits!! 😉









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  1. I didn’t think you were old enough to do a variation on the old
    “Shave & a haircut…two bits” nice work!
    Love, Dad

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