Anniversary Dinner

Anniversary Dinner

Our plan was to go to New Leaf restaurant in Fort Tryon Park for dinner:

New Leaf Restaurant website


Beautiful, right?

It was, but it was HOT outside. I think it was 95 degrees or something. We got there, sat down (this was at 8pm and only one other couple was in there), ordered some wine, and looked at the menu:





Yeah … all I really wanted was a simple steak. Nothing quite as fancy as they had on the menu. Plus, I don’t really know what you get when you have bone marrow. To me, that’s something you feed the dog, but hey – to each their own. We were starting to melt and the red wine that we ordered was warmer than the room, so we gracefully bowed out (we talked to the waitress and she didn’t blame us). We gave the waitress $10 for her trouble and set out to find something more … us. As we walked, I reminded Chris what we had on our wedding night after the after-dinner drinks (let’s keep it clean people). He remembered and so we took a walk … to McDonald’s!!




That’s more like it! 🙂

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