When I get better, it happens pretty fast …

When I get better, it happens pretty fast …

From this on September 1st:

Walker used on September 1st


To this on September 7th:


Physical therapy on the bike


To this time on the bike today:

15 minutes of physical therapy


Followed by going down to the lobby (by elevator) to get the mail, and WALKING back up to the 4th floor (really it’s the 5th floor – lobby is the 1st floor):


Apartment stairs to the 4th floor


4th floor


I’m on the mend! 🙂



2 thoughts on “When I get better, it happens pretty fast …

    1. Basically I’ve been dealing with Candidas throughout my body (kicked off by some Amoxicillin taken to prevent a possible sinus infection during a root canal procedure) which caused my immune system to not fight off bacteria. Some neurological problems resulted and I wasn’t able to walk normally. It is getting much better now and I’m able to walk without assistance!

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