Hurricane SANDY, that is. Not my mother. 😉

According to the Daily News paper which I had picked up on Sunday, this is where the evacuation areas were located:

Daily News – Sunday 10/28/12


This is where we are located on the island:

Our area of residence


We are on the west side of George Washington HS, and not in an area that needed to be evacuated.

Here is a screen shot from CNN online (go online to look at the video):

CNN online news 10/30/12


Here’s a screen shot from the Daily News online (go online to look at the story):

Daily News online 10/30/12


Thankfully, we are okay here in our apartment. We have power and we have had no flooding.

This is how high up our apartment is:

View from our apartment, above the trees


We had intense wind and rain yesterday and moderate wind and rain today. We are very lucky to be living in the highest point in Manhattan. Power grids are down in large portions of the city and New Jersey, the MTA (subway) is shut down due to flooding, busses have yet to start running (clean-up is still going on) … this was a devastating storm and will take a lot to get everything back to normal.

Thoughts go out to all affected by Hurricane Sandy.









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