My birthday was … days ago!

My birthday was … days ago!

Let’s see … I had a birthday … it was very nice … what more can I say? 😉

I had ordered some cookies for my birthday (not really supposed to have sugar much, but hey – it was my birthday!).


Cheryl’s cookies


Cheryl’s cookies


Then I opened some gifts:






Looks like another sweater I own, but this one FITS!


Opening a big gift




A new coat! i have one that looks a little like this, but again, this one FITS! Oh – note that the time on the clock is just after 12 which means it is just after midnight and explains the exact same smile I have on my face in every picture. I must have been on automatic. Check it out:


Emile Zola books – Pot Luck and The Debacle


Fall decorations


Yearly Christmas ornament




Good – no – GREAT headphones to replace the ones that broke.


Time for cupcake:


Lighting the candle


Lit cupcake


After that, we went to sleep.


A couple days later, I set up a photo shoot with my cards and gifts (they sat very well for me):










Did you see the shiny object on the table there? Chris took me to buy a new watch to replace the one he bought me in 2000 which I liked, but it had gotten cracked when I fell outside of Central Park one day and landed on it. The day we were going to look at watches, it stopped dead. Now I had no excuse not to get a new watch:


Skagen watch


Isn’t it beautiful? It came with it’s own pillow and everything. It has a stretch mesh band, which my other watch had (not as nice as this, but it was stretchy and easy to put on which I prefer).


Very, VERY nice birthday!! 🙂










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