The Sea of The Morning Sun — 1493, by Walter Fredricks

The Sea of The Morning Sun — 1493, by Walter Fredricks

Hi. This is Chris LoDuca. You know, Kim LoDuca’s husband? I’m taking over this blog post because we both thought it would be easier if I just sat down and wrote it. Kim will be back to posting soon enough. Don’t worry.

The subject of this post: “The Sea of the Morning Sun —1493″ is actually the title of a novel. In fact, this great work was written by my wonderful stepfather, Walter Fredricks. The epic story is a historical fiction that takes place in 1493 and centers around the events and times of Columbus’s second voyage to the New World and the resulting conflicts.

I’ve created a Facebook Fan Page that has a complete summary as well little tidbits surrounding the creation of the book and its author. Feel free to ‘like’ it when you visit.

You can buy the book as a regular paperback, or as an e-Book at Amazon.

Did I mention that the cover design was created by yours truly? Well it was. I hope you like it, along with this video I created to help promote the book:

This blog will now return to it’s regularly scheduled blogger.

Thank you for listening. 🙂


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